Blendin’ & Juicin’

Ever get overly ambitious at the farmers market or grocery store?  Promise yourself you will be eating more fruit and veggies??  Do you actually end up throwing out or composting a bit or a lot of it?  No?  Good for you!  Me, on the other hand, well I do end up with this problem.  

Other than my copa de vino >>glass of wine<< I do have other beverages that are a MUST on the daily list.  While my vino does have some benefits, i.e. re-lax-ation and helping the heart (?), my smoothies and juices are where it’s really at!!  PACKED full of NUTRIENTS, VITAMINS, and MINERALS.   

I try to make at least a juice and/or smoothie everyday.   It’s also a great way to sneak in other supplements and vitamins with these beneficial beverages!  BOOM, getting some NUTES into your and easy while being quite tasty 🙂 

Freezing fruit that’s on its way out <going bad> works amazingly in a smoothie.  Last Sunday’s smoothie consisted of strawberries, a frozen banana, some almond milk, avocado, and ground flax.  The avocado might sound strange, but it helps thicken and make it creamy while adding protein and healthy fat.  Mixed with the other ingredients, you really won’t be able to taste it <I only used a quarter>.

Toss in a blender and BOOM, nutritionally packed, low-fat, and de-li-cious!!  Such an easy and healthy meal or snack!  Even add some coconut oil, a dash of stevia, agave, or other natural sweetener. 

The ground up flaxseed adds TONS of fiber >>aiding in digestion<< high in B vitamins, and is rich in fatty acids.  Buying ground flaxseed at the store can be pricey $$, and since I am ALL about finding more cost efficient ways to be healthy, I recommend buying it in bulk from your local health food store.  

Moving onto to my other fav bev, JUICE! A good juicer can be a pricey investment, but, in my humble opinion, well worth it.  Especially if you are vegan.  Or if you’re a health nut.  Or if you really just want to be able to make fresh juice.  You can look online at HUNDREDS of recipes for juicing combinations, but for me, I just like to pack it full of TONS of FRESH and ORGANIC veggies, then top it off with a little fruit to balance the taste.

Kale, spinach, chard, celery, carrots, beets, cucumber, lemon, apple, and ginger…pressed through a juicer.  BAM!  The body instantly receives TONS of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.  >>this juice actually served 3 people<<

Try whipping yourself up a fresh smoothie or juice and give your body a loving BOOST of nature’s goodness!! Enjoy!


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