Red Thai Seafood Curry

seafood curry

Curry dishes are one of my favorite and most frequently cooked meals.  The spices are some of my favorites and the versatility makes the dish so easy for a healthy go-to. […]

Seasonal Eating – Fall

Autumn still life

It feels like it has gone from summer to fall in just a couple of days.  I had a short sleeve shirt on last week and today I came to […]

Vegetable Nori Rolls


Rain rain go away, come back in February when I’m far away {in the sun} :-). Kidding. A little rain is kind of nice. Plus, I haven’t had a car […]

Seasonal Eating – Fall/Winter


Aaaaand I am back from Mexico!  Tan and relaxed! { view from the house }   Erik and I had  such a great time down south.  We were out in […]

Particular benefits from Juicing


Well hello Friday, so nice to see you again.  Feel free to stop by whenever you want 😉 I think today is a good day for a Health Pumped Post!  Kick off […]

Rosemary Flatbread


Hi Hi!! How is everyone’s Hump Day treating them?!  Good I hope 🙂 I totally scored some super juicy, flavorful sungold and cherry tomatoes the other day at the farmers […]

Juicy Juicing Recipes


Juice Juice Juice, how many posts can I write about juicing?  I thought they might get a little boring buuuut in the past few weeks alone I have had several […]

Taco Tuesday Vegan Fiesta!


Taco Tuesday, original post huh?  But seriously, who doesn’t LOVE Mexican food?  And here in Southern California, there’s about 1 good restaurant on each block, each claiming it has the […]

Spring Shrimp Salad


Shrimp in my salad?  Yep.  But aren’t you vegan.  Ummmm yes. Well most of the time.  About 95% of my diet is vegan.  However, occasionally I do eat fish.  I […]