Tulum, Mexico


In the beginning of July, I headed down to Tulum, Mexico for a week vacation.  Summer is generally my busy season and it is hard to take off a lot […]


the other room

Good morning, Monday.  Back from a relaxing, sun filled, beachy weekend.  We kept things casual Friday, dinner and a movie curled up on the couch, which is exactly what was […]


{ bungalow }

Back from a work weekend in San Diego.  While most of the beautiful weekend was spent indoors, I was able to cruise around for a little and enjoy some of the lovely weather. […]


FullSizeRender (4)

Last weekend was one of those weekends that made me really realize how much I love living in Southern California.  Nothing big went on, but I kept busy with lots […]



Bean Recaps : Hey there and happy Monday! Hope you all had a good Father’s Day weekend.  Mine was completely relaxing, filled with catching sun, catching up, and relaxing.  I […]


palm springs

Last week was one of those weeks I decided to throw out routine and enjoy some friend time and activities out of the norm.  Slow my roll.  It was quite […]



Oy!  Normally I am not a Monday hater, but honestly, I am so not loving this Monday.  All I wanted to do this morning was stay in bed, cuddle my […]



Is it really September?  Seriously?  As much as I love fall, and trust me, I really love fall, I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer.  Even though the weather stays warm […]



Happy Monday!  Feels like I just took a week off, talk about a long weekend!  Absolutely no complaints here, I just felt like I had about 10 Saturdays.  This past […]