Snaps – Weekend Happenings

{ boys // football }

This weekend was kind of short and I could definitely use another day off, but since that's not going to happen, hello new week!  I had an event Friday and Saturday, but luckily it was in Newport Beach, so there was no travel involved.  After Continue Reading

August Favorites

Aug Faves (1 of 1)

August has come and gone in what seems like a blink of the eye.  Thought I'd share a few things I enjoyed this month.  Hand cream, books, a candle, and some wine.  I swear I left the house!  Looking back onto my August favorites, it looks like I was Continue Reading

Snaps – Weekend Happenings

{ olive and june . the cutest salon }

Goodbye sweet summer.  Although Labor Day is over, I luckily live in a place that holds onto summer a little longer than most places.  The warmth lingers and there is no shortage of beach days, but the days are definitely getting shorter. So Continue Reading

Tulum, Mexico


In the beginning of July, I headed down to Tulum, Mexico for a week vacation.  Summer is generally my busy season and it is hard to take off a lot of time.  Last year I managed to swing a three week trip at the end of the summer, but this year I was Continue Reading

Snaps – Weekend Happenings

{ how fitting is this mug }

On the rare weekend I don't plan a lot, like this past weekend, I seem to quickly fill it up.  I enjoyed a family dinner, night out with my girlfriends, brunch date, and some football.  Still kind of shocked football is already back.  Crazy.  Oddly Continue Reading

Soothing Summer Smoothie

soothing smoothie

I usually keep my smoothies basic with banana, berries, and some nut butter.  During the summer though, it's nice to use seasonal produce to create something quite soothing and fresh.  Cucumbers are awesome for digestion (packed with fiber and Continue Reading

Snaps – Weekend Happenings


Sharing a few snaps from the weekend.  Robbie took me away for a belated birthday celebration to Temecula.  Ponte Vineyard Inn was the perfect place to stay, walking distance to a couple other vineyards, and has on point restaurants.  Full recap Continue Reading