Sometimes my brain just does not feel like being creative.  Yesterday was one of those times.  After watching sunset with a glass of wine and some appetizers at the Rusty Pelican, Erik and me were craving some sweets, but I just couldn't get fancy. Continue Reading



There has been a long lapse in posts, but there's a very good reason!!  I am the clumsiest person ever!  No joke, Erik even tells people that, and he stresses the ever.  I had a bad fall last weekend while visiting my brother and old friends in San Continue Reading

Seasonal Eating…Spring Style


No matter what, getting LOTS of fruits and veggies in year round, any kind is in your bodies best interest.  Buuuut, if you want to kick it UP a notch, seasonal eating will really help nourish the bod! Basically, some of the key reasons to try Continue Reading

Simple Vegan Black Bean & Corn Chili


I'm not a huge fan of college basketball.  And by not a huge fan I mean I really could not care less.  The only thing I liked about the March Madness crapola was the socializing biz.  I liked having another excuse to get drinks, food, and explore new Continue Reading



A little recap of the weekend... Some new wedges for spring Happy Hour and sushi with the Bestie and the BF <3 Spring is starting to show!! A little mimosa brunch with the ladies Continue Reading

All About Almonds


I think most people can agree that almonds are a healthy and satisfying go-to snack.  Lately, I have been enjoying these beautiful brownish babies in other ways, mostly by way of moisturizer and scrubs.        As the hot, dry summer months approach, Continue Reading

Blendin’ & Juicin’


Ever get overly ambitious at the farmers market or grocery store?  Promise yourself you will be eating more fruit and veggies??  Do you actually end up throwing out or composting a bit or a lot of it?  No?  Good for you!  Me, on the other hand, well Continue Reading



A fun, easy way to make that mani last a little longer is to TWINKLE those tips.  I find the easiest way to add some sparkle is to take a glitter polish (more condensed glitter polish if really trying to cover up chips in the polish) and start at the Continue Reading