Soothing Summer Smoothie

soothing smoothie

I usually keep my smoothies basic with banana, berries, and some nut butter.  During the summer though, it’s nice to use seasonal produce to create something quite soothing and fresh.  Cucumbers are awesome […]

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Holiday Cleanse

Vibrant Bean Holiday Cleanse

  As a Certified Health Coach I get asked constantly how to stay healthy during the holiday season.  I will admit, with all the parties, treats everywhere, and stress, our […]

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Blood and Liver Cleanser


It’s Friday!!  So gloomy out, I just to wrap up in a cozy blanket, drink tea, and catch up on some shows.  Oh, and light some of the delicious Bath & Body […]

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Kombucha Kit

image (20)

Hello strangers, friends! I am back, again, from a little blogging break.  Excuses suck buuuuut between working full-time, health school, and a few getaways, I have had little to no time […]

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