Snaps – Weekend Happenings


In general, January is quite a busy month for me.  I also dove into wedding planning, while very exciting, will definitely eat up a lot of my free time.  Last weekend was the first weekend in I don’t know how long that I had basically zero plans.  My fiance (love saying that) was out of town and got home just in time to finish of the weekended with some Superbowl fun.

Early in the week I was starting to fill in the blanks on my calendar before realizing this was a good weekend to sit back, get wedding organized, and enjoy what may be the last free weekend for a while.  I enjoyed a quick sushi date Friday with a couple girlfriends and was able to get home to relax to continue binge watching my current guilty pleasure.  I spent all Saturday securing our wedding venue, planning the engagement party, and doing some cooking for the blog.  I was completely wiped by night and curled up with a glass of wine and more Revenge (seriously addicted, not sure why I stopped watching).  Sunday morning was spent cleaning, running errands, and getting in a short but beautiful hike down in San Juan Capistrano (near our venue).  My brother lives close so we headed over after to attend his Superbowl party.  Here are some snaps of the weekend, hope you enjoy!

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