Kiwi Lime Juice

Kiwi Ju

For some reason, I’ve been feeling a little run down lately.  Not sure if it’s the extreme weather changes going on here in LA (currently in a major heat wave), stress, or just something my body is working through, but I’m under the weather.  I got home the other day and decided that I needed a boost.  I haven’t been juicing lately, but a nutrient and vitamin packed juice seemed like a good idea.  I also happened to pick up some kiwis that day so I looked into juicing them.  Fantastic idea!  Benefits listed below

Kiwi Lime Juice


  • 3 kiwis - skins left on
  • 1 or 2 limes, depending on size, skin cut off if not organic
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • small nub of ginger


  1. Thoroughly was and clean fruits and veggies. Cut and out through juicer. Strain if necessary.
  2. * this juice is definitely tart. If that's not your thing, cut that taste by adding half an apple.


The goods on this juice:

  • I came to find out kiwis are LOADED with vitamin C, like more than equal amounts of orange.  It’s great to fight free radicals (radical!) and is packed with minerals.
  • Cucumber is also loaded with minerals and is great to help hydrate and ease bloating.



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