Friday Finds – What I’m loving on the Web

Looking forward to a weekend at home in lieu of a work trip to Portland.  Called it off last minute because sometimes you just need to listen to yourself and take a break from being on the go.  So, here’s to a weekend soaking up some Venice sun and hanging with my pals.


Here’s what I was snooping on the web this week:

  • CANNOT wait for this opening.  Sweet tooth ready.
  • As a total addict ( proof on snapchat : ginaeagan) I found this article interesting and helped answer some questions I had.
  • Coffee in any form is a YES for me.  Iced coffee for sure.  Adding this list to my ever growing list of recipes to try.
  • I luckily moved straight to an off campus apartment in college but if I had a dorm, this would have been a dream.  Anyone have a sis, cousin, friend still living dorm life?
  • Fall apple picking is now a tradition, as is picking up a jug of fresh apple cider.  Not a huge cider solo person so this cocktail seems like a great way to use it.

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