Date with my Honey Part 1

painting and vino

Earlier this month I mentioned a date I had with my man.  Since we do go out a lot just the two of us, I guess we have date nights or date days quite often.  But now we are starting something  special.  A monthly date.  Once a month, one of us has to plan a special date.  Nothing elaborate.  It’s not about spending a ridiculous amount.  Just a thoughtful day or night organized by one of us.  As we grow and our schedules get busier, I think it’s a good way to block out time and do something special.  It’s also something fun to look forward to!  I love a good surprise even though I will beg to exhaustion to know what’s going on.

I took April.  I found a great deal on Groupon { it’s still there } for a painting and vino night.  We had such a good time learning some new painting skills while laughing at our lack of artistic ability.  Sipping on wine and munching on cheese plates was a plus!

painting and vino

The group was fun and it was a nice way to spend time with my honey.  I will mention though that the instructor could not have cared less to be there.  It was very obvious.  Last year I did a class with my mom in Orange County at Timree that was absolutely amazing.  It’s worth the money.  The groupon deal for LA was worth it too.

{ robbie's work }

{ my masterpiece }

I’m thinking for the next date I get to plan, picnic or maybe a downtown LA excursion.  Any suggestions are welcome!

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