Oy!  Normally I am not a Monday hater, but honestly, I am so not loving this Monday.  All I wanted to do this morning was stay in bed, cuddle my dog, and watch a movie.  Definitely take a couple naps too.  I think the excessive amount of football I was subject to over the weekend wore me out!!


{ Monday, can’t we just stay in bed?? }

It was a pretty relaxing week though with not too much planned, for once.  My mom and I, along with some friends explored a new wine bar near her house.  It’s called the Lost Vine (so cute) and is attached to one of my favorite coffee joints, The Lost Bean.  There was not much to choose from for appetizers and what we did select was average, but the wine selection was great.  I also loved the cozy interior.  I will definitely be wondering over there again for some wine tasting.

Friday I took Erik to see my high school football team play our long time rivals.  It was a big game and they got to play at Angel stadium, which was pretty cool!  Being around all that school spirit really brought me back.


{ high school football at it’s finest. Mater Dei Monarchs }

Saturday and Sunday we spent relaxing, playing with the dog, brunching, and watching a ton of football.  I’m pretty much girlfriend of the year, I just decided that.


{ dudes and football }

Hope you all had a good weekend, too!

P.S.  check out my dog Jack’s creepy eyes.  Think he’s telling me to stop with the pics!


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