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Afternoon ya’ll! Announcements, announcements!  I am so excited to finally be able to share with you guys some changes around here.  I’ve been working with Julie from Deluxe Designs on a […]

Blood and Liver Cleanser


It’s Friday!!  So gloomy out, I just to wrap up in a cozy blanket, drink tea, and catch up on some shows.  Oh, and light some of the delicious Bath & Body […]

Save the Pesto!


Basil, basil everywhere.  No joke!  My basil plants have completely taken over an area of the raised bed in which they sit.  By no means am I complaining, but there […]


palm springs

Last week was one of those weeks I decided to throw out routine and enjoy some friend time and activities out of the norm.  Slow my roll.  It was quite […]

Polenta Pizza


If you told me I could only have one food for the rest of my life, I am pretty sure it would be pizza.  I doubt I’m the only one […]



Oy!  Normally I am not a Monday hater, but honestly, I am so not loving this Monday.  All I wanted to do this morning was stay in bed, cuddle my […]

Seasonal Eating – Fall

Autumn still life

It feels like it has gone from summer to fall in just a couple of days.  I had a short sleeve shirt on last week and today I came to […]

Avocado Kale Salad


I’m a day late on this recipe, but in honor of National Kale day, I bring you a delicious an oh so simple kale salad.  I think there is a […]