Wine Bottle Vases


I don’t include DIY projects on here mostly because, well, I don’t do many projects.  I have hundreds on pins on Pinterest, but like most people, rarely get around to making, cooking, organizing, etc.  I finally got around to doing something creative with the numerous empty wine bottles I’ve been hoarding storing for the perfect project.


These wine bottle vases were surprisingly easy to make, with only a few steps.  Simply soak the bottles in HOT water for about 20 minutes.  This loosens the label glue allowing you to easily scrub off the label.  After that, place dry bottles on a covered ground.  Spray with a thick layer of primer.  Allow to dry then spray with dominant color.  I chose white for two and gold for one.  Then tape off pattern to paint another color, i.e. teal or gold.  Make sure the paint is completely dry before you tape areas off, you don’t want to pull the paint off when pulling off tape.  When dry, fill with water and pretty flowers!  Enjoy!






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