Corn Islands, Nicaragua



Oh my, the Corn Islands.

We were pretty bummed to leave Roatan, but we read such great things about the Corns, so we were pretty excited to get there. After an extremely uncomfortable evening of travel (slept in the Managua, Nicaragua airport…SCARY) we arrived on Big Corn Island early in the morning. From what we read, Little Corn was the best island for us, so we cabbed over to the ferry. The island is only accessible by these specific large speed boats. By far the craziest boat ride yet. They CHARGED through the open ocean, powering through gusty winds and huge waves. People were getting soaked, a few sick, and Erik walked away with a bruised wrist from my death grip (I was freaking out on the inside).

Anyway, once we got to the Island, we cruised to the other side. There are no cars, only bikes and your feet, pretty cool! The side we stayed on was breathtakingly beautiful. In contrast to the side we arrived on, which had a tiny beach and seemed to be pretty much just for divers, our side was a white sandy beach with crystal blue green water. There was nothing more than some random huts people rented, including us. I fell in love.

Our few days there were spent completely relaxing…laying out, reading, beach walks, good food and drinks. I loved almost every minute of it. Almost, because I’m pretty sure the apocalyptic wind and rain storm that hit one night made me think our tin roof would be torn off and I would get washed away in some crazy storm. Yeah, I have a rather vivid imagination sometimes, especially when I don’t sleep a wink.

Sadly though after a few days of paradise it was time to continue on our way. We spent on more day and night on the Big Corn and then said goodbye to that little paradise off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.






Hope you guys are enjoying the updates! Thanks for following!!


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    What a lovely island! It sounds like you found your own little slice of paradise 🙂 Such a nice distraction from normal life here…
    Please keep up with the updates 🙂
    A Spanish follower x

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