Roatan, Honduras


Buenas Dias amigos!
Back for another update, woop woop!!

When I last checked in, I recapped our stay in Guatemala. As much as we enjoyed the historical sites and exploring the towns along the beach, we were beyond excited to arrive on the island of Roatan in Honduras. I will admit that I was a little nervous since Honduras isn’t the safest place (the mainland has the most murders per capita in the world), but the island does not feel the slightest bit threatening. It’s obvious with resorts on one side and cruise ships stopping in that they keep that ish under control 😉
We stayed in the West End, across from the bay beach and what would soon become our favorite spot, Sundowners Bar. It was the perfect location to walk to everything .
We took a long hike down to the west bay one day and explored the fabulous resorts. It was an amazing area with a great beach, but a little too resortish for us.
Being known for its extremely large reef, Roatan attracts many divers. We weren’t willing to shell out the $$ or the time to get certified, so we took a snorkel trip with the craziest, funniest guide ever! This was the best snorkeling I have ever done. The coral was so large and colorful, it honestly didn’t look real. There were soooo many fish of every size, color, and shape. We even saw a little shark! Only downside, we got stung by several little jellyfish 🙁
We also got to see an incredible dolphin show!! They were so cute! Makes me want to be a dolphin trainer in a other life.
To top off the all the snorkeling and beach time, we discovered the Island drink, Monkey LaLa, which I am still craving. Far from healthy, but this thing was damn tasty.
I was sad to leave this little paradise, but I know we will be back. If you are ever looking for a tropical getaway, I highly suggest looking into a vacay there!!
Hope you enjoyed this recap! Be back soon 🙂











  1. Karen says

    I would like to know the difference in juicing vs just putting everything in for a smoothie. I have a vitamix and use kale, spinach, carrots, fruit etc so is it necessary to also have a juicer???? I would like your opinion. Thanks

    • Vibrant Bean says

      Hi Karen!
      Using both a juicer and the vitamix are wonderful. I use both. The difference with a juicer though is you remove all the fiber and break the cell walls of the foods. It allows for immediate absorption. Without fiber, you give you digestive tract a break. It’s also a great way to get TONS of nutrients and vitamins in just one juice.

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