Well hello there! It’s been quite a while since the last post. My apologies. Erik and I are currently on a month long backpacking trip through Central America. It’s been an unreal experience so far. We are currently on our 4th stop in our third country. I haven’t been as good as I thought on the updating, but I’m popping in today to recap the first 2 stops in the first country, Guatemala.

We spent a few days in Antigua. Aside from being way colder than we had anticipated (we got so stinky wearing our only warm clothes every day) it was so beautiful. We explored old churches, went on a tour of a coffee plantation, chocolate factory tour, saw a random pop star Guatemalan concert, and went up to some amazing mountain viewing points. Our hostel had some really interesting folk, but offered warm showers and cheep beer!


After the city, we headed to Lake Atitlan. Aside from being the scariest drive down a mountain (this road would NOT fly in the US), the town of Panajachel and the surrounding areas were so sweet and vibrant. We took water taxis to smaller towns and explored for a few days. The highlight was finding a holistic center in San Manuel where we got acupressure massages. Much needed from backpacking. We also found an amazing vegan restaurant; it has by far been the best food yet.

As much as I thought Guatemala was a such a cool spot with such life and vibrance, I think we were both happy to get to the more tropical stops on the trip. I’ll be back soon with more updates on the other stops. Until now, enjoy the pics!!!

Thanks for following an hope the updates are somewhat entertaining 😉







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