Vegetable Nori Rolls

Rain rain go away, come back in February when I’m far away {in the sun} :-). Kidding. A little rain is kind of nice. Plus, I haven’t had a car wash since I don’t remember in a long time, so my baby is getting a bath too.

I had an amazing lecture the other day by David Wolfe who I am absolutely obsessed with I think is so amazing. He is such a great leader in the raw foods movement.  It has been one of my favorite lectures so far.  He spoke of many good things about raw foods, how to add more into our lives, and specific supplements, nutrients, and vitamins we need.  When he got to sea vegetables, I knew some veggie nori rolls were in order!


These are so easy to make and you can stuff almost anything into them!  I chose vegetables that weren’t too overpowering and added more flavor with hummus and some seasoning.  This is also a great meal idea for kids since they can fill their own with their favorite vegetables (assuming they have favorites?!).

Vegetable Nori Rolls:

  • Nori sheets – Organic strongly recommended { I use these }
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons hummus per roll
  • vegetables of choice!  – I used broccoli sprouts, carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, avocado, sauerkraut , and jalapeño.
  • Seasoning – Like the veggies, get creative!  – I used a sprinkle of nutritional yeast and some tapatio { gotta get my spicy }

To assemble:

  1. Spoon a row of hummus from top to bottom, almost in the middle, but closer to one side.

  2. Top with vegetables and seasoning.

  3. Wet your fingers slightly and moisten the edge of the side furthest from the filling.

  4. Take edge of side closest to filling and start rolling.  Use a couple of fingers to tighten filling in roll.  If you need to moisten the edges once rolled to secure it, do so.  Cut into several pieces, or eat more as a hand-roll.

  5. Enjoy!



So on top of getting a ton of vitamins and nutrients from all the vegetables, what else are we getting??  Nori nutrients!  Nori is a GREAT source of iodine (great for hypothyroidism).  It also has good amounts of calcium, fiber, some protein, and vitamins A,B,and C.  So fill up those rolls kids!


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