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Not much to report here on the home front sugars, except that it is tons warmer today than it has been in weeks!! You can go ahead and roll your eyes if you have snow on the ground since the social media world is totally making fun of us babies here in southern California.

Spring flowers in the Asian garden

Anyway, I thought this quote was perfect to mark 2 weeks until I leave for an epic trip with Erik.  I haven’t mentioned it yet, mostly because we were still figuring out dates.  Now, tickets have now been purchased and arrangements made; in 2 weeks we are leaving for a 5 week trip through several countries in Central America.  The path may be somewhat mapped out, but I am so looking forward to the unknown adventure and where the path may lead.  I was able to spend the first 3 months of last year in Costa Rica with a trip to Nicaragua, so this time around I cannot wait to see some new spots!

Of course this means The Vibrant Bean will be MIA for the most part.  I will have some posts with pics and such, but until mid March (I get home March 3 but head straight to Washington DC for a week) the usual business will be mostly on hold.  Please bear with me and stay tuned for  some epic travel photos and adventure stories!

P.S. if you have any must see/do/stay at/eat at things in Guatemala, Hondaras (only Roatan), Nicaragua, and or Panama, please share!!! Thanks friends!

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