Dolls! I’m just popping in to say hello and goodbye for a bit. I’m heading down to Central America tonight for my month long backpacking adventure with Erik! I’ll try to do some recaps in each spot with pics. Until then, stay healthy, happy, and fabulous!

One backpack for one girl! Goodbye girlyness!


    • Vibrant Bean says

      I’m so excited. I have been to Costa Rica several times and lived there for a bit. Excited to explore other areas! Feel free to pop in and let me know things to do!

  1. says

    A lot of things stood out on my trip, but the bigger one was a night hike up to Telica Volcano in Nicaragua. The sun was setting as we climbed and once there, we went to top in the darkness. The heat coming up from the volcano sounds like a jet engine and the magma is visible at the bottom of the crater. It was incredible!

    Having said that though… just try and do everything! : )

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