Adios 2012, Hellooooo 2013

I’m a little late on this, but HAPPY NEW YEAR, and happy Friday!!  It’s 2013, woo woo!


I cannot believe 2012 is over.  It was the best year yet.  I was so blessed to have SO many great moments throughout the year, and even the not so great only made me stronger and appreciate the good that much more.  God, my family, friends, and readers have given me so much in terms of good times, support, an ear for listening, advice, etc. and I am so grateful.

Let’s do a little recap, cool?!  Cool.

I started off watching the Ducks win the Rosebowl, and heyooo, they just won the Fiesta Bowl last night!!

{ Go Ducks }

The next day, I took off to Costa Rica for a few months.  It was truly one of the best times of my life.  I loved seeing old friends, meeting new ones, exploring, enjoying SO much beach time, and living Pura Vida 😉

{ Erik came to visit. Valentine’s dinner }
{ mi hermano Will }

IMG_2155 IMG_2210   IMG_1519

{ buddies }
{ waterfalls }

The fun didn’t stop after those few months.  Erik and I did a birthday wine tasting in Paso Robles, a camping trip to Lake Isabella, and many trips back to San Francisco < a couple recaps  here and here>  I also got to visit a few new places including Detroit, Seattle, and Utah.  We finished the year with a trip up north to Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, and Marin.  It’s been a pretty on the go year, but I have enjoyed pretty much all of it.  I absolutely love traveling and visiting old and new spots!

So 2012, you kicked butt, thanks for being such a WONDERFUL year.  I cannot wait to see what you have in store 2013, you have a lot to live up to 😉


So let’s get into 2013 shall we?  Alright, I thought the pic above summed up my mindset for the year perfectly.  I am not really one for resolutions, rather I like incorporating something positive into my life or getting rid of something negative (I conquered a major vice in 2012!!).  With that said, 2013 is about positive thinking and intentions, and how putting those thoughts, ideas, whathaveyous into action.  It is one thing to have good ideas and intentions, but it is so very important to act them out, make things happen.  I know that where I focus my positive energy will change throughout the year.  I would like to become more in tune with my deeper thoughts to know what and where to focus my energy.

My intentions for the beginning of the year are to connect more with to my spirituality and to focus heavily on my health coaching practice.  For the month of January I have decided to cut out alcohol and keep a clean diet to keep my mind and body clear.  I am also practicing daily meditation and yoga to help practice and put into effect my intentions.  I’m thinking some kind of cleanse will is also in order…wish me luck 😉

Do you guys have new years resolutions or intentions?  What preparations and practices do you do to help set forth your intentions?  Please share!! I love hearing positive words from friends.  And speaking of positive words, I will be trying to post more positive affirmations and health tips from school on my Facebook page.  Feel free to like and follow along 😉

Alright, enough babble, time to get moving!  Have a happy, healthy, and active weekend.  I will be out and about all weekend, it’s supposed to be beautiful in SoCal!  Peace friends!

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