Friday Wrap Up

Happy Friday Friends!

It’s crazy weather time here in SoCal.  To think, just last week for Thanksgiving we were playing around at the beach.  Now it’s all rainy, cloudy, yet oddly warm.  Mother Nature, you’re a goofy one 😉

Anyhow, the detox I have been on this week has turned out to be surprisingly easy.  I don’t have amazing willpower or strength now, rather I have come down with a nasty cold.  Juices have really been the only thing I have wanted.  I guess being sick is a blessing in disguise making the cleanse so easy-peasy!


In all seriousness though, I have felt like crap all week.  Normally I don’t stress being sick, it happens to us all.  Being healthy isn’t about not getting sick, it’s about how well our bodies deal with sickness.  So again, I normally wouldn’t worry except tomorrow Erik and me are taking off to MEXICO with a small group of friends.  The last thing I want to do is be that sick sneezy, snotty (sorry for the visual) person on the plane, or be all sicky on the beach!!! 

I have tried  so hard to get better…rest, vitamins, nutrients, etc., so I have faith I’ll kick it just in time (I’m thinking tonight pleeeease!!)  I wanted to share a couple of juice recipes that did make me feel loads better.

This one was spicy and helped clear my nose:

1.  4 carrots, 1 small beet, 1 apple, 1 large ginger knob, a handful of parsley, 1/2 cucumber

This next one is loaded with vitamins and gave me a lot of energy:

2.  A large handful of spinach, several large kale leaves, about 4 dandelion leaves, 1 lemon, 2 apples, 1 ginger knob, 1 cucumber

Well, these are just a couple of what has helped.  I made some of my other go to’s as well.  And of course I loaded up on lots of ginger and lemon teas, a special tincture my brother made me with reishi in it (how cute is he?!?!), and Echinacea drops in my water.  Lets hope this all helps.

Ok enough about me and my feeling sorry for myself being sick!  Hope you all have a wonderful, cozy, sick free weekend!!  I’ll be back late next week with some pics from MEXICO!!!

Until then this will be me 😉

{ old picture from Bocas Del Toro, Panama }

{ old picture from Bocas Del Toro, Panama }

What do you guys do to take care of yourselves when you are sick??


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