Friday Wrap Up


Happy Friday Friends! It’s crazy weather time here in SoCal.  To think, just last week for Thanksgiving we were playing around at the beach.  Now it’s all rainy, cloudy, yet […]

…ch ch changes and S’Mores!


[youtube=] Thank you for that song Mr. Bowie <3, I always love me some Bowie! Changes is the theme around here today.  I am getting decorations up for Christmas (!!) and […]

Post Thanksgiving Detox


Hello and Happy Holidays Everyone!! I am back after a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I spent so much time with family, Erik, friends and the doggies eating some delicious food, going on beach […]

Green Bean Casserole


Hi all! As promised, I am back with another Thanksgiving side dish post.  I may be one of the few who like this one, but the green bean casserole has […]

Back! With a Healthy Stuffing


Hello Strangers! Feels like its been years since I last posted.  To tell you the truth though, I simply have not had the time, energy, or even recipes to post!  […]