Snaps! A true fall weekend

Happy Monday ya’ll!!!

It’s so fall here now and I am loving life!!  Even Monday can’t get me down, although I’m not much of a Monday hater.  It’s a fresh start, new day, and I thoroughly enjoy my job ;-).  This past weekend, since we didn’t have anything solid on the books, I decided to make Saturday a day of cheesy fall activities.    Since LA doesn’t scream fall what with its lack of color changing leaves, not-so-cold weather etc., we decided to take the fall party out to Glen Oak.  After making the hour and a half drive, the day was filled with all things apples!!  We visited an apple orchard (there were tons to choose from), picked our own bag of apples, pressed our own cider, picked a pumpkin, ate some pie, shopped, and had a truly beautiful day.  I highly recommend if you have the time and are in the So Cal area, to plan a day trip out there.  

Here are a few snaps of our day.  Hope you all had a lovely fall filled weekend too!

{ view on our way to the orchard }

{ Erik picking }

{ my pick }

{ pumpkins }

{ choosing the apples for the cider }

{ cider making }

{ pies, pies, PIES!!! }


What are your favorite fall activities?

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