Snaps – Heat Wave!

OK, so I think it’s fall everywhere but Southern California.  Most of my favorite fashion blogs are starting to sport cute jackets and cozy sweaters.  I’m seeing boots everywhere.  And scarves.  People are baking with pumpkins and making yummy, comfort fall foods.  All I want to do is jump in the ocean, or a pool.  I want to drink ice-cold water or a margarita.  I want everything summer because IT’S SO DAMN HOT!.

I know fall is creeping right around the corner for us sooooo I’m just going to jump into my fall healthy recipes this week.  As much as I love summer, I’m so ready for all things fall.  So the heat my win in the wardrobe war (sorry cozy sweaters and cute boots) but I will win in the kitchen.  Stay tuned this week for some delicious fall inspired recipes!  Until then enjoy some snaps from the past couple weeks 🙂

{ dog. Erik. beach }

{ new wallet }

{ Angels. Rangers. killer season tickets }

{ another baseball game with my love }

It’s been pretty mellow, lots of going out with friends, beach and pool, football games, dog time, and trying to stay cool!  I also hit up this hip little joint in LA with some girlfriends called Tart, attached to the The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel.  Absolutely delicious.  Great bottomless mimosa brunch spot.  If I’m going to indulge in some bottomless boozing, I think it’s best to have a substantial meal ;-).  It was a very home cooking comfort food style menu, but fresh and not terribly heavy.  Nothing on the menu really great for breakfast (for us vegans) so I opted for the veggie burger.  This thing did not disappoint.  Paired with a bites of a couple of amazing desserts (below), and I was a happy girl.  It’s also conventionally located across from the Grove, so if you need to kill a couple of hours before driving, what better way to do it than shopping!

{ dessert scene at Tart }

{ chicas }

That’s all I have for snaps!  I hope we all have a fabulous week 🙂


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