Particular benefits from Juicing

Well hello Friday, so nice to see you again.  Feel free to stop by whenever you want 😉

I think today is a good day for a Health Pumped Post!  Kick off the weekend right, right?  Yes.

I have mentioned before the Benefits of Juicing and doing Juice Cleanses.  So today’s post is more about how the Fruits and Vegetables we juice with actually benefit us.  You can literally juice almost any vegetable or fruit, like even potatoes, crazy right?!  Instead of talking about anything and everything under the sun (or in the dirt) to juice with, I’m highlighting what use most frequently.  Sometimes I include all of the following, but usually it is some variation of lots of greens and a little fruit and/or citrus.  

So here we go!  Hope this helps you understand how all these wonderful fruits and veggies help our lovely bodies stay healthy and happy!

  • Apple:  Helps cleanse the liver and kidneys, also helps them function properly.  Energy booster with the natural sugar.  Also helps the taste 😉
  • Carrot:  Contain lots of Vitamin A and beta-carotene which helps eyes.  Supports the liver and digestion.  Cancer fighter.  Revitalizes skin
  • Cucumber:  Contains antioxidants and promotes healthy skin (hello glow!!).  The high water content aids in cleansing and weight loss
  • Lemon: Cut off peel. High in Vitamin C.  Helps eliminate free radicals (cancer and body damage causers).  Helps cleanse the body and clean the urinary tract.  Promotes clear skin.
  • Ginger:  Huge immune booster.  Kicks up the digestive tract.
  • Beet:  Huge blood cleanser and liver cleanser.  Rich in anti-oxidants.
  • Dandelion Root:  Big body detoxifier and cleanser.  Liver and gallbladder helper (helps produce and remove bile). dandelion is very bitter so use sparingly
  • Parsley: High in iron and B12.  Natural diuretic (cleanser) and a good immune booster.  strong in taste, so again, use sparingly
  • Kale:  High in iron, calcium, and Vitamins A,K, and C.

Hope this gives a little more help and information for why to include certain fruits and vegetables.  Also, here are some combinations I like to use are:

  1. A few carrots, half a beet, an apple, and a nub of ginger
  2. Kale, lettuce, dandelion, a little parsley, half a cucumber, a lemon, and an apple
  3. A few carrots, a lemon, a nub of ginger

What are your favorite things to juice with?

Now go enjoy some fresh juice!!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Check out these sites for more information:  Worlds healthiest foods and LiveStrong



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