I was getting this weeks “Snaps” ready when I realized I didn’t do one last week.  That’s probably because I was a little over served by the time Monday came around.  I bought a last minute ticket to the Outside Lands Music Festivain my old home and favorite city eeeever, San Francisco!!.  It was quite a weekend!!  Filled with TONS, I mean lots and lots of great music, friends, food, and  one too many drinks.  After three whole days, I was exhausted and ready to get back to SoCal.  Could have used my early 20’s body for that weekend.  Seriously took like 3 days to feel normal 🙁

Last week I caught up on rest, work, and getting my body and mind back to where I like it!  I was glad this weekend was filled with lots of lying around at the beach, sun, dog  walks, and some fun dinners out.  Friday’s sushi was blah, like to the point Erik almost walked out.  No bueno, and not cheap, double fail.  Saturday’s outing was way better.  Totally worth mentioning.  Even though it’s been around for a bit, it was my first time at SOL in Newport Beach.  We went with my best friend and had a great time.  We made it in time for happy hour drinks; that makes it almost worth it right there.  Then there’s the food, oh ya!  Erik and the bestie both really enjoyed their some-kind-of-meat tacos and burrito.  As for me, well I was told to ask for the vegetarian/vegan menu.  I was happily surprised it wasn’t just filled with steamed sides or simple salads.  I had a delicious vegan mushroom burrito.  It was huge and served as the next days lunch.  I definitely recommend trying out Sol if you’re around Newport, and make it worth the cash$$ and show up for Happy Hour.  Oh, and it’s right on the water, woop!!!  Beautiful!

Alright, enough about my weeks.  I’m sure I have bored you enough. Here’s a few snaps from the last couple weeks!  Enjoy!

One of the stages at Outside Lands. Waiting for Neil Young

Outside Lands!! Ran into a good friend from Costa Rica

Dog Beach with my best friend!

Yummy weekend pancakes. Gluten free, added some flax seeds, cinnamon, and chia seeds for healthy touch

Good morning Love!

And today’s juice.  This was enough for 2 large juices for 2 people.  Green machine cleanser!

  • 1 large cucumber
  • several lettuce leaves
  • several kale leaves
  • a handful of dandelion
  • handful of broccoli
  • 4 celery sticks
  • 4 carrots
  • 3 large apples
  • a nub of ginger


Have a wonderful week ya’ll!!!  Woo!

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