Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies


  Hello my sweets, and happy Tuesday!    I’ve got a super easy and rather healthy cookie recipe to share with you all today!  Oh, and it’s so yummy!!  Does that brighten up your […]



Well, another weekend has passed.  I’m not going to act surprised anymore.  Time apparently moves at lightning speed the older you get.  Just have to make the most of every.single.day.  I think […]

Particular benefits from Juicing


Well hello Friday, so nice to see you again.  Feel free to stop by whenever you want 😉 I think today is a good day for a Health Pumped Post!  Kick off […]

Rosemary Flatbread


Hi Hi!! How is everyone’s Hump Day treating them?!  Good I hope 🙂 I totally scored some super juicy, flavorful sungold and cherry tomatoes the other day at the farmers […]

Mango, Tomato, Avocado Salsa!


Happy Tuesday Amigos!! When I was in college, my roomies and me would frequent the nearby Trader Joes.  Cheap wine, good cheeses, and cute boys.   That’s all we really […]



I was getting this weeks “Snaps” ready when I realized I didn’t do one last week.  That’s probably because I was a little over served by the time Monday came […]

Maple Glazed Salmon


Oh man.  Summer is really getting heated.  I swear, summer in Southern California doesn’t really start until August.  That’s when that outdoor heater is on 24-7.  Can’t sleep heat.  Ugh, […]

Raw Foods and Juice Cleanse


I know I posted a yummy cookie recipe earlier, but that’s old news now.  Those babies are long gone.  Today is day two of my raw foods and juicing cleanse. […]

Snaps! Bday Celebrations


Well, I have officially entered the last year of my twenties.  I seriously cannot believe it.  I still feel like I’m 23 (probably act like it too).  I can honestly […]