All About Almonds

I think most people can agree that almonds are a healthy and satisfying go-to snack.  Lately, I have been enjoying these beautiful brownish babies in other ways, mostly by way of moisturizer and scrubs.


As the hot, dry summer months approach, staying well moisturized is a huge priority.  And seeing as I like to match >or try to< my almond friends in color during the summer, is it very important that I keep this face and body well nourished with a healthy moisturizer.

What I mean by healthy is…think of your body as a sponge.  TONS of tiny little openings absorbing almost everything we expose it to, from the air >> pollution even 🙁  << to the moisturizer and anti-aging creams.  Your body is absorbing TONS of it!!!  The amount the body takes in depends on the ingredients, but unnecessary chemicals are something I DO NOT need to be feeding to my skin.  It is hard enough protecting against things we have less control over, i.e. pollution and over exposure to sun (I firmly believe moderate amounts of sun are beneficial).  So why add more when there are such NATURAL, BENEFICIAL, HEALTHY alternatives.


For the past several months I have been OBSESSING over my 100% pure, sweet almond oil >>I use this brand NOW<<.  It has a very mild scent, not very oily, and absorbs easily.

I still use my old moisturizers and eye creams about once a week, but I am finding even that amount is slowly declining.  I am all about being NATURAL now.  Giving my body wholesome, natural care.  My BODY and FACE know what it is >not a ton of chemicals< and they have been showing positive feedback!  I have  NEVER had such a healthy glow to my face.  Even my boyfriend says he has never seen my skin look so radiant!!  I simply use a few drops after showering in the morning and at night, paying special attention to the eye area.

I have also started using this almond oil as a lip scrub.  I take about a teaspoon or RAW, ORGANIC sugar and mix it with several drops of the almond oil and BAM!!! Moisturizing lip scrub.  The sugar acts as a exfoilant and the oil helps moisturize.  I just lightly scrub it with a toothbrush for about a minute then rinse.  My lips are soft, smooth, and moisturized!

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