Holiday Cleanse

Vibrant Bean Holiday Cleanse


As a Certified Health Coach I get asked constantly how to stay healthy during the holiday season.  I will admit, with all the parties, treats everywhere, and stress, our bodies certainly take a hit.  A great way to help prevent weight gain or sickness is to treat our bodies lovingly.  While it may not be practical to do a month long cleanse during this time, most of us can afford to take a 5 day break.

Poor eating choices and stress can lead to illness, feeling run down, and holding onto extra pounds.  Not ideal during the fun holiday season!  These recipes were created to cleanse the body while strengthening  the immune system.

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Vegetable Fritters


How excited is everyone that Thanksgiving is right around the corner?  Even though I get bummed out saying adios to summer, I simply love the Holiday Season.  Thanksgiving means it's fall, which means it's the coziest, most delicious time of the Continue Reading


image (29)

Afternoon ya'll! Announcements, announcements!  I am so excited to finally be able to share with you guys some changes around here.  I've been working with Julie from Deluxe Designs on a new blog design that will launch (hopefully) this week.  It Continue Reading

Blood and Liver Cleanser


It's Friday!!  So gloomy out, I just to wrap up in a cozy blanket, drink tea, and catch up on some shows.  Oh, and light some of the delicious Bath & Body Works candles I just bought.  Seriously, these things are the jam.  They smell so yummy and Continue Reading

Save the Pesto!


Basil, basil everywhere.  No joke!  My basil plants have completely taken over an area of the raised bed in which they sit.  By no means am I complaining, but there does come a point when I have no idea how to use it all. Bear with me here, I Continue Reading


palm springs

Last week was one of those weeks I decided to throw out routine and enjoy some friend time and activities out of the norm.  Slow my roll.  It was quite refreshing and helped me let go of some stress I have been holding onto.  I think taking time to Continue Reading

Polenta Pizza


If you told me I could only have one food for the rest of my life, I am pretty sure it would be pizza.  I think I am far from alone on this too.  Even though I try to avoid dairy, pizza is something I indulge in here and there.  It's about balance Continue Reading



Oy!  Normally I am not a Monday hater, but honestly, I am so not loving this Monday.  All I wanted to do this morning was stay in bed, cuddle my dog, and watch a movie.  Definitely take a couple naps too.  I think the excessive amount of football I Continue Reading

Seasonal Eating – Fall

Autumn still life

It feels like it has gone from summer to fall in just a couple of days.  I had a short sleeve shirt on last week and today I came to work in a fleece.  I am sure we will get at least one more heat spell before the cold really sets in, well as cold as Continue Reading

Avocado Kale Salad


I'm a day late on this recipe, but in honor of National Kale day, I bring you a delicious an oh so simple kale salad.  I think there is a national day for just about everything, National Pizza Day, National Donut Day, National Pie Day.  And as much Continue Reading